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Merchant Warehouse is a world-renowned credit card processing provider. 

Signing up for a merchant account with Merchant Warehouse ensures you get award winning service and support. They offer four different credit card processing services covering both your online and offline transaction needs. 

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AMS Merchant Services

from Advanced Merchant Services


Product Description

AMS Merchant Services offers a wide selection when it comes to credit card processing services. Signing up for a merchant account lets you choose among six different credit card processing services.

Signing up with Advanced Merchant Services allows you to pick from different credit card processing services including retail, mail order, Internet, touchtone, store & forward, and wireless merchant accounts.

Signing up for a merchant account with AMS entitles you to customer service that is able 24/7 toll free. Customer support includes assistance in information under terminal and technical support, merchant account support, and security.

Unlike other merchant service providers, AMS does not hold you down with lock-on contracts. Additionally, no payments are necessary with early service cancellations.

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Product Research

The Price:

  • Monthly Cost: $15-$20 gateway fee (if applicable), $8-15 statement fee, $15-$25 monthly minimum, $0.20 to $0.35 transaction fee


Instant phone or online applications
Same-day approvals
Low costs
No contracts
No cancellation fees


“I use AMS and have been very satisfied with their service so far. It's a gateway that's integrated with We receive a good rate (2.19% plus $0.30 per transaction), and their customer support is fairly responsive and helpful.”

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"As transaction processing continues to evolve, you can depend on Advanced Merchant Services to offer the latest in PC processing software..”

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